The Value of Band Practice

Things sure are different now from when I was young. Clunky overhead projectors, huge song lyrics projected on a wall, and cassette tapes are all a thing of the past. In this modern era we have electric guitars in church (yay!), advanced computer software dedicated to displaying song lyrics, and the ability to download songs over the air.

With so many potential distractions, being on the same page as the worship leaders is absolutely necessary to ensure that both they and the congregation do not get lost. Even the best rehearsed song can trip and fall if the lyrics aren’t up in a timely manner… and once a song falls flat you’ve lost all the momentum that has been building throughout the entire worship service.

One of the best ways to ensure that your service goes off without a hitch is to know where the worship leaders are going before they get there. And in order to do that….here it comes, those dreaded words…. you need to attend band practice! Attending band practice as an overhead lyricist is one of the most valuable things you can do to prepare for the weekend’s worship services. Knowing exactly where a song is going and what the worship leaders plan to do beforehand will prepare you to run the lyrics with very few mistakes. And let’s face it. Even if you think you know the songs inside and out, once those lyrics are missing, all recollection of the song disappears from your head… and it’s pretty difficult to worship when you’re standing there slack-jawed, straining to remember the song and mumbling along.



Written by David Belich
David Belich is the Media Director at World Revival Church, and an avid technophile. David has a passion to grow the kingdom of God by helping churches utilize media and emerging technologies more effectively.