Put the Camera Down

The other day I went to my favorite spot at the lake with my girlfriend. While we were sitting there the moon started to come up. It was a beautiful red orange with vivid reflections off the lake and the clouds. It was amazing. I thought ”I would love to take an awesome picture of this and share it with the world”, but I didn’t have a camera and I’m glad I didn’t. 

Here’s the thing, even if I had taken the perfect picture of that moment it will never have the impact on you that it had on me. The only two people in the world who experienced that moonrise from that perspective were me and my girlfriend. In today’s society of camera’s everywhere we often miss what is right in front of us because we want to capture it to show off and get likes or shares or karma. Sometimes the best moments in life don’t need to be shared with the world. Those moments only need to be shared with those that are there with you right now. This is especially hard for camera operators to remember. There are moments that must be shared, moments that when shared can have an echoing impact. As a church media team member it is important to recognize the moments that the world needs to see and the moments that need to be for you and those in the moment with you. There are moments with God that are so precious and so valuable, trying to capture it on camera would remove you from what God is wanting to do. Don’t let your camera get in the way of you experiencing God. 



Written by Matthew Carlson