Intro to Media Production: 10 Week Intensive Course Outline

Are you one of those people that want to learn how to shoot and produce video, but think it’s to hard? Editing, lighting, framing.. it can all get very overwhelming. What chance have you to compete with a film school graduate?

In reality, a film degree can mean very little if you have the drive and ambition to learn. I’ve taught several production courses in the past focused on equipping adults and teens with the basics of media production. Those who want to learn, will. Each week builds on the previous weeks while introducing new concepts through hands on training.

Without further ado, here is my 10 week intensive course outline for ‘Intro to Media Production’


Week 1: Intro to Production

  • Production Basics
  • Terms
  • How to use a camera
  • Framing/Shooting rules
  • Basic Camera operation
  • Shoot 15 seconds of something

Week 2: Intro to Post-Production

  • OSX Basics
  • Adobe Premiere layouts
  • Adobe Premiere Tool Bar
  • Import stock footage into final cut/placing in timeline
  • Capturing last weeks recorded footage/placing in timeline
  • In/out basic cutting and re-arranging in timeline

Week 3: Intermediate Shooting and Editing Lab

  • Shoot person reading a :60 script
  • Shoot some b-roll
  • Import footage into Adobe Premiere
  • Cut out bad takes/replace with random b-roll footage.
  • Export to quicktime movie

Week 4: Lighting/Grip Equipment

  • Principles of 3-point lighting
  • Grip equipment – c-stands/sandbags etc.
  • Setting up/tearing down lights
  • Set up camera, look at lights through the camera – see how it shows up on screen
  • White Balance/Post production color correction

Week 5: Lighting/Directing Lab

  • Review lighting
  • Set-up 3 point lighting interview
  • Take turns shooting, directing talent, trying different lighting scenarios, see how the camera re-acts
  • Attention to small details – i.e. background plants, proper framing, etc.
  • Tear-down set
  • Import footage, edit,  color correct
  • Export to quicktime movie

Week 6: Sound Basics

  • Types of microphones
  • Proper mic levels
  • Hooking into camera
  • Setting levels on camera
  • Recording
  • Check levels during and after recording

Week 7 Lab:

  • set-up/record video with sound – 60 sec
  • Light the video
  • Change roles throughout – Director, sound, camera, re-adjusting lights, on-camera talent
  • Break down set

Week 8: Post-Production of previous week

  • Import previous week footage into Adobe Premiere
  • Edit footage
  • Color Correct
  • Adding transitions
  • Adding Titles
  • Inserting graphics
  • Insert a pre-made LT and re-size
  • Export to Quicktime/various formats

Week 9: Begin Final Project

  • Choose final project
  • Light, shoot, sound, edit, color correction, transitions, etc. throughout the week
  • Use in-class time for shooting with equipment, importing, editing, any questions or needed help.

Week 10: Review Final Project

  • Watch and critique final projects
  • Review what was done well, what could have been done better, etc.
  • Pizza party, etc.



Written by David Belich
David Belich is the Media Director at World Revival Church, and an avid technophile. David has a passion to grow the kingdom of God by helping churches utilize media and emerging technologies more effectively.