Are You Flowing with the Worship Team?

There is nothing more jarring then learning a new song during Sunday morning service. The worship leader sets it up and explains that you are about to learn a new song, exhorting you to feel comfortable joining right in praising the Lord. Everyone is in sync and jamming as the band starts playing. Right on cue, the world leader steps up and begins to sing the song for the first time.

You listen for a verse or two, then decide to join in. Reading the words along with everyone else, you begin to timidly sing, hoping to get the melody at least somewhat right. Every time you sing through it, you begin to feel a little more comfortable with it until it almost seems like you’ve been singing the song for your entire life.

It’s just about that this point that the words unexpectedly do not show up on the screen. Suddenly the flow you established is broken… you are floundering for words as you try to remember what comes next, hoping that the person next to you doesn’t pick up on your troubles. And its not just you… the lead singer who was following the lyrics as he led suddenly feels less then confident in what comes next. He flounders, which causes the band to question what is going on, which them causes them to flounder as well.

Lyrics are too often an overlooked ministry. Undervalued, most people equate lyrics with the old overheads position… stand around and move a piece of paper every now and then. Lyrics are so much more though. Properly timed lyrics can add stability to a service. Lyrics keep everyone on the same page, and point everyone in the same direction as you move forward in worship. Lyrics help you understand who God is, and what the worship leader is expecting Him to do today. Having your lyrics flowing with the band can make your production absolutely amazing, but it can also lead to disaster if there are too many distractions. Lyrics use the set list as a rudder – guiding the team through worship as they then guide the congregation. They are as important to the success of your worship experience as your lead guitar player is.

Take time today and publicly thank those who volunteer their time and talents running this valuable service to the church. Their ability to flow with the worship team enables you to worship unhindered week after week.




Written by David Belich
David Belich is the Media Director at World Revival Church, and an avid technophile. David has a passion to grow the kingdom of God by helping churches utilize media and emerging technologies more effectively.